Cocoon Cam Plus

Cocoon Cam is the only baby monitor with secure HD video, real-time breathing monitoring and instant alerts offering parents the ultimate peace of mind. It enables parents to not only see and hear their baby, but also know that they are breathing normally whenever they're sleeping—no wearables required! 

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The world's smartest baby monitor.

Cocoon Cam is the smartest baby monitor available that’s easy for parents to use, trust and love.

720p HD Video

Crystal clear HD live stream video with with night vision and zoom capability. Plus, a built-in speaker and microphone so you can hear and talk directly to your baby.

Real Time Breathing Monitoring

View a real-time breathing wave overlaid on top of your video feed so you can can see and know your baby is breathing.

Instant Alerts

Instant alerts let you know when your baby’s breathing changes and can even alert you when your baby is starting to wake up, has fallen asleep or is crying.

No Wearables

A completely non-invasive way to monitor your baby’s breathing and movements without the need for any wearables, garment attachments or mats.

Access the App Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re down the hall or across the world, you’re always connected via your smartphone to what’s happening with your baby.

Secure & Safe

Data is kept safe in the app and the cloud with fully encrypted data streams, unique cloud container structure, and active password management.

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